Educational Resources for Parents and Guardians

 "Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body"- Richard Steele

Reading Games:

JR. Find CVC words (for K-2)

Boggle - (grade 2 and up)





Sight Word Activities:

  • Word hunt- put sight words on paper plates and child hops to the one you call out

  • Go fish- make two sets of sight word cares using the Dolch or Fry Sight word list

  • Tic-Tac-toe  - make a board with a few sight words and place Xs and Os on board or use colored chips.

Additional Fluency Activities:

  • Read aloud fluency strips

  • Read aloud Reader Theater Scripts

  • Read  aloud poems

Educational Articles/Books:

Apps for Winter Reading

What are Sight Words and Why are they Important?

Why Read 20 minutes a day?

Educational Websites:

Dolch sight word lists:

Book List By Age- Scholastic

Picture Books Read to students:

Educational Information on Reading:

Reading Rockets


Florida Center for Reading Research

Math Support:

Khan Academy


The Connection Between Decoding and Comprehension by Petra Obley

Math Fact Fluency Tips for Parents by Lisa Freedman

Sight Word Activities